What if your computer suggested you to buy an error message t-shirt?

Error_msg_tshirtComputers are at the core of our daily lives, we rely on them to surf the internet, post on social media, store our data, work, etc… They are so important that we all get very frustrated when we see an error message pop up on the screen, as it is a clear indication that something went wrong. What would your reaction be if your computer was intelligent enough to make a joke, and displayed a humorous error message, rather than the usual technical problem requiring a reboot? This is precisely what the designs of our laptop t-shirts are all about.

Our error message t-shirts highlight a potential for computers to equal human intelligence and interact with people through funny pop-ups. How would you feel if your laptop detected your mood and tried to cheer you up with a joke? We have created unique tech t-shirts and humorous hoodies for that purpose, our selection of high quality funny t-shirts will put a smile on your face.  Wearing a laptop t-shirt will allow you to express your love for your computer, and your wish for it to become a good friend, a confident, and pro-actively try to lift your mood through messages. Could this be the future development of our relationships with machines?

These tech t-shirts and hoodies represent the modern world where technology is at the core of actions, our feelings and our thoughts.  The underlying messages of these humorous t-shirts are focused on the increasing ability for high tech devices to anticipate our every move and adapt to our personalities. The pop-ups on our humorous t-shirts can be witty comments, suggestions or funny instructions aimed at the laptop users, in a world where computers make decisions on the basis of their knowledge of human characteristics and sensibility. Most importantly our range of error message t-shirts are hilarious and wearing them will generate smiles and laughter around you.

With a wide selection of funny designs, you will find the best error message t-shirt for you.  These laptop t-shirts also make a perfect gift idea for a technology addict friend, or somebody with a great sense of humour! Check out the range of high quality laptop t-shirts and hoodies for men and women, then select your favourite error message, the colour and size and let us do the rest! You will shortly receive a great personalised piece of casualwear, with a unique funny design. On this occasion, your computer will certainly not freeze in expression of disagreement, and any error message pop up will most probably be to compliment your purchase!

Trust Teepolis to show you a new way of wearing fun!



Who’s going to be caught wearing these CCTV t-shirts?

CCTV_tshirtIn this modern world, the promise for higher security seems to be associated with a high number of CCTV cameras, and we can be sure that there are always a few pairs of eyes watching our every move. This can turn out to be quite an inconvenience for robbers, whose actions are monitored on CCTV screens and make their job much more complicated. But these cameras sometimes capture hilarious situations which deserve to be printed on a humorous t-shirt.  Our CCTV t-shirts and hoodies range illustrate a situation of thieves caught on surveillance cameras with a humorous message.

These tech t-shirts and hoodies have unique designs which combine an image of modern world reality and funny statements. These humorous t-shirts represent the perception of what robbers’ thoughts might be, through the eyes of CCTV cameras, and, most importantly, with a funny twist. Thanks to these CCTV monitor device t-shirts, where thieves appear to speak out their mind, and express their sense of humour, we have the opportunity to make fun of a serious topic. By wearing a CCTV t-shirt or hoodie, we acknowledge, on one side, that the world is overloaded with devices recording our moves at all times, and on the other side, that in some cases, they allow to catch some less honest people red-handed. But the most important component of these tech t-shirts is that all of this is expressed through humour! Whilst the images of a robber caught on CCTV could be perceived negatively, our funny t-shirts turn them into a humorous and modern concept, which can be passed on to the people in our surroundings.

Our great selection of humorous t-shirts will allow you to wear very comfortable yet unique and hilarious casualwear, which is bound to make people around you laugh. You can express your witty personality by choosing the design, slogan, colour and size for the funny t-shirt, which represents you the most. If you wish to make a fantastic gift for a friend or somebody close to you, these CCTV t-shirts or device hoodies are a great option. Our humorous t-shirts are great quality and are a perfect addition to a man or a woman’s casualwear wardrobe! Why not stand out from the crowd by wearing something fun, a CCTV t-shirt is not a design which is common, therefore allowing you to be different.  Whether you decide to go for a humorous t-shirt or whether you prefer a funny hoodie, you will have plenty of occasions to wear them. Those tech t-shirts are unpretentious and versatile, and are suitable for any season. You won’t mind getting caught wearing one of these hilarious CCTV t-shirts, they are nothing illegal!

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Good news: Funny TV news t-shirts!

Breaking _News_tshirtIn this modern world, we are always keeping up with the latest news, we watch the headlines live on TV and sometimes the journalists say some rather odd and funny comments which deserve to be shared. With this breaking news t-shirts range, you will find a selection of hilarious news comments, which made it on our funny t-shirts and hoodies.

If you are a TV addict, these humorous t-shirts are a great pick, as they combine two fantastic ingredients: they are high tech t-shirts and they are very funny t-shirts. These TV news t-shirts represent the modern world, with the non-stop connections to reality and to the latest headlines. When live TV goes wrong, this is when we can capture the essence of our funny TV t-shirts. We all recognise ourselves in those humorous t-shirts because we all live in this fast pace environment, loaded with information from all sources. Sometimes, it can get too much… so that’s why we need to have a laugh about it, to take it all with a bit of humour. Our breaking news t-shirts do just that, they make fun of a topic which can get way too serious at times, by simply highlighting some little mistakes and putting them on funny casualwear! When news readers make such ridiculously funny errors, it makes you wonder whether their high pay check is justified!

These TV t-shirt designs are unique and you will not find them anywhere else, they are part of a new range of tech t-shirts which bring humour and modern world technologies together. Wear them with pride and stand out from the crowd, there are plenty of great occasions to wear these humorous t-shirts, and to become the centre of conversation. All your friends will notice your funny t-shirt or hoodie and will most certainly comment on the TV headline news you will have picked. These tech t-shirts are a much better topic of conversation than the weather, in fact, they will make you talk about the news! If you like to be informed with the latest headline news, why not show off a humorous t-shirt with some of the funniest TV headlines?

If you are looking for great quality, comfortable, and funny t-shirts or hoodies as an addition to your casualwear wardrobe, then check out our fantastic range on this highly rated and professional website! We do men and women humorous t-shirts and unisex funny hoodies, all you have to do is pick the colour and size and select your favourite TV headline news t-shirt and we will do the rest! These humorous t-shirts are fantastic to be worn as casualwear on many occasions, on an evening out with some friends and family, at the weekend, or on holiday. These funny t-shirts are very versatile and are perfect for any fun environment.

These hilarious news headlines TV t-shirts also make great gifts for friends or family, so why not bring somebody some “good news” by picking out a funny t-shirt design from our wide range!

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Need a reminder? Wear one!

Reminder_tshirtWe all rely on technology to prompt us about daily tasks and use our smartphones to set reminders to ourselves about all kinds of topics. How about representing these little modern habits on a funny t-shirt or hoodie? A humorous t-shirt with the reminder that identifies you the best through a funny smartphone alert. Reveal your pride of belonging to the modern high tech world, where smartphones hold the key to our lives, by wearing a witty t-shirt, with a smartphone reminder pop up message.

Whether you want to wear a smartphone t-shirt to emphasize in a funny way on your regular hangovers, your favourite drink, your state of mind, the consequences of your complete improvisation in life, or more generally your great sense of humour, these high tech t-shirts and hoodies are a great option. Wearing a funny slogan t-shirt like this allows you to express yourself through humour.

This revolutionary concept of reminder t-shirts is a great way to express reliance and addiction to smartphones and to make a hilarious statement to the world. They also make fantastic gift ideas for any occasion for your friends, family, your other half or anyone who loves tech t-shirts!

Their unique designs will also generate a lot of interest, so if you want to make people around you smile or have a great laugh on a night out with some friends, wear one of these funny smartphone t-shirts and let the reminder message do the rest! If you are shy, they could also work their magic and become a real icebreaker, by revealing the fun part of your personality without having to say a word!

Other than actually acting as an additional reminder, for those who may require it, the humorous smartphone reminder t-shirt range is a positive and bright addition to any wardrobe. They bring fun, smiles and laughter into your life and into your world. Those smartphone reminder t-shirts will make you feel empowered and confident, and lighten up any bad day you may have.

These reminder t-shirts come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes to fit both men and women, a great option to wear out and show off at the weekend or on holiday. The smartphone hoodies are also available in a variety of colours and sizes and are the perfect addition to any wardrobe for weekend casualwear, especially as spring is around the corner!

These smartphone reminder t-shirts and hoodies are definitely the new way of wearing fun!


Wearing Social Media Icons

Ladies_social_media_tshirtEver since the boom of the internet, some of the most popular things to do, if not the most popular, is to join in on social media. Social media has been around for quite some time but only seems to be increasing in popularity with every passing year. As more people receive personal access to the internet, social media use grows in use and traffic which has given birth to a new trend: Social Media T-shirts.

When you have websites, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, growing in popularity, you start to notice particular icons from their sites. For instance, the ‘like’ button on Facebook is known worldwide. As is the Twitter bird, as is the ‘heart’ icon from Instagram. Some people enjoy seeing these icons so much that they would wear them on a shirt. Fortunately, our online store broadcasts these defining social media icons on awesome and funny t-shirts for you to wear on a daily basis. We have a collection of all sizes that shows all sorts of random social media icons. Not only do we have the normal, traditional icons but we also show off an original message on our social media t-shirts. There is not just the normal ‘like’ or ‘thumbs up’ button from Facebook but we have that same font and style with different words inside, all in that famous ‘like button’ style from Facebook. The possibilities, and randomness, seem almost endless and you are sure to find the perfect status symbol for you. These social media t-shirts such as Facebook t-shirts and Twitter t-shirts exist to not only create a hilarious conversation but also to show off some of the more humorous t-shirts that represents today’s trend.Gent_Socal_media_tshirt

Not only does our store creates for a humorous piece of clothing but you get to show off your individuality as well. This is all thanks in part to the popularity of social media and how synonymous it has become with most people’s day to day lives. These internet t-shirts almost represent our own lives so it is no surprise at how popular they really are.

It is staggering to think of the amount of people that use these websites on an hourly rotation in their lives, but now you get to have a piece of it outside the internet as well. Grab one of these amazing tech t-shirts today and see just how these humorous t-shirts can brighten someone’s day.


Have you heard of the smart scales t-shirts?

Smart_Scale_tshirtThe 21st century is the digital age, our generation express themselves and communicate through social media. The media dictates how people should look and many decide to rebel against trends and stereotypes by making their own statements. They stand out from the crowd, they wear funny t-shirts, which speak out their personality, high tech t-shirts, which perfectly fit in today’s high tech society, but bring a personal statement to the world, with a touch of humour. For those who don’t tend to watch their waistlines, the smart scales t-shirts are a fun way to express that beauty does not necessarily equal size 0. For those food lovers out there, for those who enjoy eating, the smart scales t-shirts are a clear and humoristic statement of what they love most: great food. These funny t-shirts also represent their acceptance of themselves and the promotion of their image.

Wear these smart scales t-shirts with pride, whether you consider them as a revolutionary statement to the world, a funny way of speaking out your identity, a way to make fun of yourself, or just a reason to be witty and cool!

These great humorous t-shirts make fantastic gifts too! They say great minds think alike, if you’re dying to wear something like this, then your friends most probably would too. Humour is the solution to any awkwardness, lack of understanding, negative feelings and doubts. These funny t-shirts will bring a smile on your friend’s face. What a better way to tell someone: “I love you just the way you are” or “you are a great friend” than with a witty t-shirt which represents them and which highlights their sense of humour?

Those who dare to show off their funny and happy personality to the world by wearing those t-shirts will have a positive influence and will bring smiley faces to their surroundings. What more positive message is there than being yourself and being funny? They could also contribute to redefining trends, by challenging the conventional t-shirts and introducing the new way of wearing fun!

There are many smart scales t-shirts designs to choose from, with different food themes, to highlight different culinary passions or addictions. Check out the smart scale t-shirt collection, pick the colour and size to suit you (or the lucky person to receive this humorous t-shirt as a gift) and enjoy!


Why People Love Status Message T-Shirts

Status_msg_tshirtNobody can last an entire day without logging into one’s social media account. And the first thing that they read is their friends’ status messages. The status messages allow you to know what your friends are thinking, what they are doing and what they are looking for. If you want your friends to know what’s on your mind, you should consider wearing status message t-shirts.

People often update their status message on Face book, Twitter, or any other social media platform. It is a way to tell people around them of what they are feeling or thinking at that moment. Don’t you wish you can do that in real life? Well, now you can with status message t-shirts.

Status message t-shirts is a fun way to bring your status messages from social media to real life. Now your friends don’t even have to log into their social media account to know what you are thinking of. By wearing the funny t-shirts, you will the centre of attention. You broadcast your status to the world without the need of going online.

Status message t-shirts also make great gift ideas for your friends. If you have a friend who is in the promise of looking for work, then give him the shirt that states “I am unemployed”. These t-shirts can also state one’s relationship status that include “I am married”, “I am single”, “I am not available”, or “I am engaged”. You can find a status shirt that best represents your friend or loved one. It will make the best birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

Humorous t-shirts are not only trendy; they are also fun to wear. They make good icebreakers during parties. It might even help you pick up someone in a bar. Just think of the scenario when you approach a girl in a bar wearing a shirt that’s saying “I am looking for a one night stand”. The girl might be appalled by your direct approach or amazed by your confidence. But no matter what happens, the shirt has done its part. The rest is up to you.

There are device t-shirts and tech t-shirts on the market, but they can’t compare with the benefits that status message t-shirts can bring. Consumers just can’t get enough of the simple messages that is printed in the said shirts.

Status message t-shirts are perfect for everyone. There’s a shirt that will suit your preferences. You can express what you want to convey without having to say it out loud. The shirt will do it for everyone to see. It shows your individuality and at the same time tells others what you want. Just browse through the various status message t-shirts from our online store to find the right one for you.