Teachers post pictures of themselves wearing pro-refugee t-shirts

pro-refugee-t-shirtsTeachers in Australia starting a t-shirt campaign by wearing t-shirts supporting refugees and posting pictures of themselves on Facebook wearing these t-shirts in class.

The teachers were warned by Victoria’s Education Department and Education Minister Simon Birmingham that they could face legal action and even the sack if they continue wearing the t-shirts in class.

Melbourne organiser Lucy Honan claimed some principals tried to intimidate teachers that wear these t-shirts to support the protest at offshore detention camps, however, she said they wore them outside school gates instead or wore them in class anyway.

She also claimed she is not aware of any consequences for teachers and even a primary principal wore one too.

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Burgers can also be healthy

The burgers have become the bad guys. However, gourmet burgers, that we usually crave, take center stage to claim its position, and show that burgers can also be healthy.

Traditional burgers and burgers of today

This article is more about burgers of today that keep revolutionising gastronomy by offering new flavours, colors and formats, with original and healthier ingredients, but we cannot stop thinking about the traditional burgers, those we can find in any local fast food chain or fast food trade.

Traditional burgers, compared to burgers of today, leave much to be desired, they are remarkably caloric due to the high fat content that meat used as an ingredient has, and also the cooking method used.

Thus, any fast food trade burger, taking into account the breads and refined flours, the low fiber content with some fat and sugar, gravies and the burger itself, has no less than 600 calories. The meat used is high in fat and may reach 30%, and as always, these dishes cooking method, also adds fat that along with the sauce or dressing could make it reach 50% of the calories in the form of fat. We cannot forget the high content of sodium and cholesterol that such burgers can have, which is not helpful at all, if we want to be careful with our health.

On the contrary, gourmet burgers, protagonists of the present revolution, are a different dish, and all they have in common with traditional burgers is the format of “burger” that is served between two loaves. But unlike the classic, gourmet burgers have a better nutritional quality, they tend to have less fat, more condiments that offer original flavours and even more vegetables that add fiber, vitamins and minerals to these dishes.

Healthier burgers

Among the gourmet burgers, we’ll always find healthy choices, because the meat is usually of better quality with  lower-fat, thus, lower cholesterol intake. Also, the cooking method is more careful and does not add fat to food.

On the other hand, if we make the burgers ourselves, it is very good alternative to make the bread, using seeds and/or whole grains, which add vitamins, minerals and fiber to the preparation, making it even healthier. Meat and/or the basic ingredient of the burger should be chosen carefully, it could be lean beef, chicken or turkey, fish or vegetarian ingredients such as vegetables, rice or mixtures thereof.

Preparing the sauce is also a good option to reduce fat and add to the dish healthy nutrients. We can prepare sauces, cream cheese, olive oil, avocado or low-fat plain yogurt and add vegetables or more condiments to flavour our burger.

We can also add oats, seeds or chopped vegetables such as onion, tomato, shredded carrots or spinach to the meat, to add volume with fewer calories and more nutrients to the traditional burger.

As we can see, the gourmet burgers are far healthier than traditional fast food burgers alternative. With them we can achieve much more varied nutritious dishes with less fat and more flavour that denote quality when eaten, without altering the healthy diet.

Original source: http://www.directoalpaladar.com

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