10 tips to prevent the job search from becoming a torture

It is often said that looking for work is one of the most complicated jobs. But the circumstances of our labor market make this mission even harder for those who pursue a position.

The lack of opportunities, the shortage of jobs and recruitment processes can make job seekers fail in the attempt and lose hope of achieving the goal. But despite the difficult working environment, there are companies that need to fill certain vacancies and hire staff and others are preparing to do so in order to improve their macroeconomic outlook.

To begin, we must know where to look for employment. Given the current difficulty in accessing a job, we should not discard a priori any of the channels through which we can access a new contract. You never know where you can find the opportunity.

Currently many job offers, due to the abundance of good candidates, remain in the so-called hidden market, which are those vacancies that never get published because they get filled without doing so.

Also it is particularly important in the current circumstances, to know how to exploit the network of professional contacts. It has always been one of the best ways to access a job, which is becoming more common due to the lack of opportunities.

An increasingly common option among unemployed people is to try to build their own employment. That is, self-employment: starting their own business or turning a business idea into a company.

Also, in recent times, social networks are becoming a tool to consider to find jobs. They are a great way for candidates to build a personal public brand, they offer clues about labor market trends, and also more and more companies and recruitment agencies use them to post their vacancies and recruitment processes directly.

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Auto diagnosis

The attitude of the candidate is a key to success, if not the most important. They should face the job search with optimism, perseverance and proactivity. It must be regarded as a work itself on which you have to spend several hours a day to track possible job offers, customise curriculums for each selection process, keep track of them, and get interviews prepared in the best possible way, etcetera.

To avoid the frustration that the lack of opportunities in our labor market can cause, the recruitment firm Lee Hecht Harrison, part of Adecco, one of the world’s largest groups of human resources, gives a number of tips when searching for work:

  1. First you decide what you want and where you want to be.
  2. Be positive, a new job may be waiting.
  3. Know yourself:
  • Evaluate work achievements that you have achieved so far.
  • Analyse what your professional potential is.
  • Determine what makes you unique compared to other candidates.
  1. Build your personal brand. Develop a concrete plan with realistic goals and be persistent when carrying it out.
  2. Use all available channels for job search: social networks, professional and personal contacts, corporate recruiters, recruitment agencies and send spontaneous candidacy.
  3. Looking for work is a job and you are responsible for it.
  4. Broaden your horizons, there are many possibilities that you can dedicate yourself to and perhaps you have not considered them before. You must be willing to constantly learn and unlearn.
  5. Seek for help and accept it: professional change periods provide the best opportunities for improvement.
  6. You are your best business, invest in yourself; if you do not, nobody will.
  7. Don’t get discouraged, swap every “no” for a “why not”.

Original source: http://www.teinteresa.es

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