What if your computer suggested you to buy an error message t-shirt?

Error_msg_tshirtComputers are at the core of our daily lives, we rely on them to surf the internet, post on social media, store our data, work, etc… They are so important that we all get very frustrated when we see an error message pop up on the screen, as it is a clear indication that something went wrong. What would your reaction be if your computer was intelligent enough to make a joke, and displayed a humorous error message, rather than the usual technical problem requiring a reboot? This is precisely what the designs of our laptop t-shirts are all about.

Our error message t-shirts highlight a potential for computers to equal human intelligence and interact with people through funny pop-ups. How would you feel if your laptop detected your mood and tried to cheer you up with a joke? We have created unique tech t-shirts and humorous hoodies for that purpose, our selection of high quality funny t-shirts will put a smile on your face.  Wearing a laptop t-shirt will allow you to express your love for your computer, and your wish for it to become a good friend, a confident, and pro-actively try to lift your mood through messages. Could this be the future development of our relationships with machines?

These tech t-shirts and hoodies represent the modern world where technology is at the core of actions, our feelings and our thoughts.  The underlying messages of these humorous t-shirts are focused on the increasing ability for high tech devices to anticipate our every move and adapt to our personalities. The pop-ups on our humorous t-shirts can be witty comments, suggestions or funny instructions aimed at the laptop users, in a world where computers make decisions on the basis of their knowledge of human characteristics and sensibility. Most importantly our range of error message t-shirts are hilarious and wearing them will generate smiles and laughter around you.

With a wide selection of funny designs, you will find the best error message t-shirt for you.  These laptop t-shirts also make a perfect gift idea for a technology addict friend, or somebody with a great sense of humour! Check out the range of high quality laptop t-shirts and hoodies for men and women, then select your favourite error message, the colour and size and let us do the rest! You will shortly receive a great personalised piece of casualwear, with a unique funny design. On this occasion, your computer will certainly not freeze in expression of disagreement, and any error message pop up will most probably be to compliment your purchase!

Trust Teepolis to show you a new way of wearing fun!



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