Have you heard of the smart scales t-shirts?

Smart_Scale_tshirtThe 21st century is the digital age, our generation express themselves and communicate through social media. The media dictates how people should look and many decide to rebel against trends and stereotypes by making their own statements. They stand out from the crowd, they wear funny t-shirts, which speak out their personality, high tech t-shirts, which perfectly fit in today’s high tech society, but bring a personal statement to the world, with a touch of humour. For those who don’t tend to watch their waistlines, the smart scales t-shirts are a fun way to express that beauty does not necessarily equal size 0. For those food lovers out there, for those who enjoy eating, the smart scales t-shirts are a clear and humoristic statement of what they love most: great food. These funny t-shirts also represent their acceptance of themselves and the promotion of their image.

Wear these smart scales t-shirts with pride, whether you consider them as a revolutionary statement to the world, a funny way of speaking out your identity, a way to make fun of yourself, or just a reason to be witty and cool!

These great humorous t-shirts make fantastic gifts too! They say great minds think alike, if you’re dying to wear something like this, then your friends most probably would too. Humour is the solution to any awkwardness, lack of understanding, negative feelings and doubts. These funny t-shirts will bring a smile on your friend’s face. What a better way to tell someone: “I love you just the way you are” or “you are a great friend” than with a witty t-shirt which represents them and which highlights their sense of humour?

Those who dare to show off their funny and happy personality to the world by wearing those t-shirts will have a positive influence and will bring smiley faces to their surroundings. What more positive message is there than being yourself and being funny? They could also contribute to redefining trends, by challenging the conventional t-shirts and introducing the new way of wearing fun!

There are many smart scales t-shirts designs to choose from, with different food themes, to highlight different culinary passions or addictions. Check out the smart scale t-shirt collection, pick the colour and size to suit you (or the lucky person to receive this humorous t-shirt as a gift) and enjoy!



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