Why People Love Status Message T-Shirts

Status_msg_tshirtNobody can last an entire day without logging into one’s social media account. And the first thing that they read is their friends’ status messages. The status messages allow you to know what your friends are thinking, what they are doing and what they are looking for. If you want your friends to know what’s on your mind, you should consider wearing status message t-shirts.

People often update their status message on Face book, Twitter, or any other social media platform. It is a way to tell people around them of what they are feeling or thinking at that moment. Don’t you wish you can do that in real life? Well, now you can with status message t-shirts.

Status message t-shirts is a fun way to bring your status messages from social media to real life. Now your friends don’t even have to log into their social media account to know what you are thinking of. By wearing the funny t-shirts, you will the centre of attention. You broadcast your status to the world without the need of going online.

Status message t-shirts also make great gift ideas for your friends. If you have a friend who is in the promise of looking for work, then give him the shirt that states “I am unemployed”. These t-shirts can also state one’s relationship status that include “I am married”, “I am single”, “I am not available”, or “I am engaged”. You can find a status shirt that best represents your friend or loved one. It will make the best birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

Humorous t-shirts are not only trendy; they are also fun to wear. They make good icebreakers during parties. It might even help you pick up someone in a bar. Just think of the scenario when you approach a girl in a bar wearing a shirt that’s saying “I am looking for a one night stand”. The girl might be appalled by your direct approach or amazed by your confidence. But no matter what happens, the shirt has done its part. The rest is up to you.

There are device t-shirts and tech t-shirts on the market, but they can’t compare with the benefits that status message t-shirts can bring. Consumers just can’t get enough of the simple messages that is printed in the said shirts.

Status message t-shirts are perfect for everyone. There’s a shirt that will suit your preferences. You can express what you want to convey without having to say it out loud. The shirt will do it for everyone to see. It shows your individuality and at the same time tells others what you want. Just browse through the various status message t-shirts from our online store to find the right one for you.



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